Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

It's that time of year

Every year, the well thumbed apple recipe book comes out to help me with the apple harvest. It's a big one this year and there is only so many apples I can stew and freeze.

I felt very tired today and I wonder if it is because I am running low on B12 before my next injection.

This afternoon, I had a happy time in the garden with the wheelbarrow, the apple picker and a stepladder. The apples are coming off very easily.

The district nurse came this morning to change Mum's dressing. Margret (next door) came next. Later it was Margaret (across the road) with her embroidery, then Sarah (the old chapel next door). 

I may make some apple cake. Sadly there are no apple biscuit recipes!

Mum is much the same but the open areas on her lower leg look as though they are improving.

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