Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

Shaggy scalycap or shaggy parasol?

It's been a day of heavy showers with brief respite between.

I had to go to the surgery to have some blood tests. There were two delightful fourth year medical students there. One examined me and the other took my blood. They were pretty good. (I did give a hint or two on correct techniques on the way.....)

Then we were off to Haydon Bridge Pharmacy where we both had our Covid boosters. It was very straightforward. Jenny and Dennis arrived with Kate so we had a natter while we did our statutory 15 minutes of waiting afterwards.

I bought mince at the butchers and cooked it tonight. Excellent meat from there as always.

The other Marjorie came this afternoon. She was telling us about a documentary about a single celled organism called The Blob, which may be sent into space because it can learn things. (Must watch it)

I told her my story about Tintin and his friends who had been in suspended animation. I wasn't sure whose story was more accurate!!

Dick cut the grass in the rain and told me about the large fungus growing near the compost heap.

Anyone who knows about fungi is very welcome to correct my identification.

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