By MumOf4Wildlings

Paint paint and paint.

It's been a laid back day. The wildlings have played in the street and been on tech. Xander helped Mr R at his work and went and got some shopping.  

Poor Joan hasn't been well for a few days so Lincoln delivered her a bunch of flowers.  I would normally hug her but I've kept away from everyone for a week. 

Mr R and myself started one side of the garage doors before I end up in a sling. He's going to finish and then go and pick up a macdonalds for dinner. I haven't had one in about 8 months so I decided on a easy family dinner. We all need to have a early night tonight.  Nana and grandad should be coming just after 5am tomorrow.  I'm excited to be getting my operation.  I look forward to the night's I can finally sleep again.  Last night was awful so I went back to bed for a nap when Mr R got up. 

I'm going to throw Carson in the bath when xander and Mr R go and get dinner. 

My hospital bag is packed , I need to get some ironing done when the wildlings are in bed and also attach the garage windows.  Thankfully I'm ok working a screwdriver with my left hand . But I shall be going to bed early.  I think I'll struggle in the morning not being able to have coffee.  I'm only allowed a water . And boy I drink loads of coffee.  

I liked the interaction in this photo between the boys . 

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