Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


The Mono Monday theme is " Musical ".  When Becky and Neil were little their Grandad George  used to phone them on their birthdays.  Before he said anything he always played this musical greetings card.  It plays Happy Birthday when you turn the wooden handle.  After George passed away we cleared his house and found the musical card.  There is a message inside ..... " All the very best George. Love & Luck.  Beat ". I have no idea who Beat was. I did some research online and found out that this card would have been made in the 1950s by Kaye-Kards.  Im glad I still have this keepsake to remind me of my father in law. Thanks to V1K1 and AndrewNZ for jointly hosting the challenge.

Haven't done much today apart from walking down to the village to do some shopping.  There were a few splashes of rain while I was out but nothing worse,

Neil and Rachael drove home today.  Luna was pleased to see them. She seems to have been fine while they were away. Her usual dog sitter H has been looking after her.  I follow H on Facebook so Ive seen some photos of Luna taken over the weekend.  She's been to the park to play with her ball, been to the pet shop where she got a toy and some treats, played in H's huge garden and accompanied H's Mam when she went apple picking.

Steps today  - 7,901

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