Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

DAMN!! She moved.

I don't think I've felt as much like Dog-napping for manyMANY moons.  
I had an appointment for my annual MoT at the local Surgery.  Since I passed Sainsbury's en Route chez Moi and was totally out of both Sugar and Bread I went in.  NOT, of course, that I escaped with only those items.

On the way out I saw this wee beastie, of indeterminate ancestry.  Enquiry discovered she was a Greyhound (Which was obvious) X Saluki (which was much less obvious)  In retrospect I think the Saluki part was most obvious in Nose/Head shape; certainly not in woolliness; or lack thereof.  ;¬)

Like a grade A Wazzack I'd forgotten the wee Camera so stuck to one Phone shot - and she moved.
  :  ¬  ( 

I was delighted to discover my BP was within normal parameters and O2 content = 98% kinda chuffed.  1kg weight gain attributed to two extra layers of clothing.


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