By Ingleman

A Day Of Glorious Colour...

And I choose to post a black and white picture. 

Two actually, there's another one in extra. 

A good day overall. Mrs I and I dismantled a bin store that was ugly, rotting and making the wall behind it damp.

On a sunny autumn day the wall has already started to dry out. Result. 

We also tried to unblock a grey water drain that is firmly and unremittingly blocked. And stinky. Failed. 

Better luck tomorrow.

And this afternoon, whilst Mrs I tended to her aging and infuriatingly healthy parents, I took Hollie out to Oaken in South Staffordshire. The colours and light were just stunning. But everyone takes pretty pictures of leaves at this time of year, don't they?

I envy those who have access to, and use large format cameras, and get rich deep tones from beautifully exposed negatives. The light today was exquisite. 

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