An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


It was a quiet start to the day :-)

S messaged me to say she'd had a fantastic time at the Mark Owen concert last night and they would all be back with us by late afternoon.

D took his chance to play a round of golf and headed off at midday.  I headed to the studio to finish this week's exercise on my drawing course - an avocado in pastel pencil.

I thought it would only take an hours work to complete the exercise but I was wrong, it took almost three hours, but I really did enjoy every minute  (process in extras)  

I am annoyed that I didn't notice at the drawing stage that the right side of the avocado should have been larger, but I am happy with the overall result and feel it's a decent first attempt at drawing with pastel pencils.  I am looking forward to the next exercise (it feels strange to be up to date with this week's work as I am usually way behind.  Can hopefully use the time to get caught up with Module C's exercises! :-)

The gang arrived back at 5.30pm, full of the joys and keen to tell us all about what they'd been up to.  S had a headache after her late night last night.  Not sure if the loud music or the wine is to blame :-)

We had our local butcher's delicious steak pie for dinner, with David's world class creamy mash potatoes and L's home grown cabbage.  There really is no comparison between shop bought and homegrown veg.  It was absolutely delicious.  

After dinner Faith was sitting with David telling him all about her day when he had to interrupt her to get up and check stock of coconut milk (I was doing my Tesco order) from a shelf I can't reach,  and suddenly Faith is shouting at me "He's mine!!!" at the pitch of her voice.  I couldn't stop laughing!  Of course my inner four year old kicked in and I found myself shouting back "No!  He's mine!"  This shouting match went on till D returned from checking the stock and settled back on the sofa, with Faith resuming her story telling.  Hahahahaha!  What a girl!

S went to bed early with the girls and L followed a little while later.  D and I are now catching up on what's been happening today at Westminster.  It really is beyond belief!  Home Secretary resigned / sacked (depending on which report one reads) MP's physically manhandling other MPs in the voting lobby, Chief Whip resigning / sacked then apparently not resigning / not sacked, Deputy PM rowing with MPs in the Commons...

What an utter, utter disgrace.

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