Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

All hot air

I was really surprised to see this hot air balloon sailing over the park as I was on my way to the reserve this morning, as the weather was okay but not that great!  It hadn't taken off from the Rugby Club though, but come quite a bit further so maybe conditions were good enough on ascension.  It did get over the trees, but only with what looked like a little difficulty.

I had a lovely time after this looking for birds.  I saw the buzzard again, close but not quite close enough, and the small bird in Extras, which was also too far away.  The nearest I can guess is that it's a whinchat, but I'd love you to tell me if you know better ;))

UPDATE: Diane2104 reckons a stonechat, and as she's usually right about such things, I'll go with that!  Thanks, Diane

However, even with the teleconverter, I am getting frustrated with too many shots being taken from too far away and the fact that the weight of my big lens seems to be doing my back in.  I know, always moaning!!

The title of this can be taken anyway you like.  If you wish to connect it with current UK politics, that's fine by me  ;)))

Enjoy your evening and the rest of the weekend, folks  xx

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