Strava Day 514.

Phone's battery at 14 percent. We're under Signal #3 and we do not have power.

It's our 10th wedding anniversary today. We initially planned to go to a nearby diner and even considered taking photos at the gym but because of the weather, we have no choice but to stay at home. Photo is shot by T. Out of 30+ photos, only 2 turned out to be "decent." T isn't really into photography but just getting him to hold a phone or camera to take a few photos without too much argument is already a gift/blessing.

Immensely grateful for this person beside me who continues to choose patience and kindness, who understands that I need oatmeal and vegetables and have an affinity to staying fit for life. Also really grateful that we are "behind the scenes" people (we are not celebrities who appear on television whose privacy necessarily gets compromised), somehow, we still get to keep most of our lives to ourselves and when the weather is good, we can still walk any street, take photos, look foolish or do whatever (within legal boundaries) without other people minding us.

Here's to more years. To being wiser, stronger and more attuned to each other. To creating new memories.

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