A day in the life

By Shelling


Nice day today, mild and sunny, above the thin layer of clouds. The shed got som organising of stuff, the floorspace is gradually getting larger. Also, it's getting to be time to put summer furniture and everything else lying around, away for the winter. It's my first winter here so I'm trying to find good sheltered places for everything, some fit in the shed, some stay outside, some go to the cellar.

I was called to work because the interest to see and hear music-saga "Peter and the Wolf" by Sergei Prokofjev, performed free for children and parents at the theatre. I've seen it several times, this was the first time performed by a chamber orchestra and drawings though. The kids age ranged from toddlers to early teenagers and judging from their reactions, they liked it. The narrator did a good job too, along with musicians from the professional regional orchestra; Camerata Nordica and five members of an orchestra from Gotland, playing the wind instruments. 
Must remember to put the clock right tonight, when we're going back to "normal time". I'm picking some friends up at 8:40 tomorrow morning.

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