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Can photography reduce arachnophobia?

We’ve had some wonderful coverage of your stunning spider images and anecdotes this weekend from Buglife (The Invertebrate Conservation Trust) and the UK’s Independent Online.  

Thank you so much for taking part.  

It was fascinating putting the piece together and finding out who else has found that photography has reduced and even removed their dislike of spiders!

We know some of you will find it impossible to take a look, some will peep behind their fingers and others will be fascinated by the intricate details that blippers have photographed. But…

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The Independent Online - article
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Unfortunately, there is never enough space for everyone’s image to be published but we’d like to thank EVERYONE who tagged their images and sent us messages with links to their photos.  We really appreciate your support.

We’ve chosen this beautiful minimalist web from LizMBpics for our social media cover photos as well as today's community post.  LizMBpics adds this apt bit of Blipfoto philosophy to her profile which we’ll leave you with:

“After a lot of thought and following the completion of my 365, I've decided to call my journal 'That'll do'. I will always try to capture the best pics that I can, but the discipline of blipping daily has taught me that this isn't always possible and sometimes, you simply have to say 'that'll do'. Of course, the phrase can also be applied (albeit in an understated way) to anything wonderful which I might capture…”

Many thanks
Richard and Bex

(blippers richard and WharfedaleBex)

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