By pensionspoet


Some of my plans for the weekend (finishing the making of my Christmas cards,plus the address book) are not going to be completed. But I have done other things instead,and had a very busy day.

I woke with a start at 2am because I had a horrible nightmare that the man nextdoor murdered a boy, by hitting him with something heavy. When i woke, I was sure I could hear him. My heart was racing, and with Jon away it was particularly horrible. I walked around a bit, opened the window, then went back to bed. As I got back in, I noticed my clock had changed to 1am. It felt very spooky.

I got up eventually at 8.30. Henry was going to archery, but couldn't start his bike, so was a bit cross and had to go in his car. I proceeded to spend the morning washing up, ironing then cleaning the oven. I prepared the dinner veg then started on some crafts I'd planned. I wanted to use up some bits I had, and succeeded in making 2 lavender scented soaps and 7 candles. I plan to gift wrap them all, and see if I can sell them. I'm going to start by trying at work, now that we have a small office space. I want to get some of my mice in frames too, for a nice little display. I don't hold out a huge amount of hope (as I am the ultimate pessimist!!) but someone might be interested!

Jon got home at about 2pm, feeling very tired - you don't get much sleep at scout camp - even when they are all inside. I cooked a boiled gammon for dinner. I wanted to start more cards. That has been slow to get going, but I may get a few more made before bed.

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