Sunshine On A Rainy Day

Up early today, 6am real time but 7am on today's time, but 6am really. I think.

Took Mrs I to the eye hospital where she had one cataract corrected.

Deposited her at the doors at 07.45 today time and collected her at just after 11am today time. 

I used the time to take Hollie for a walk round the track at Barnhurst Pitches. A measured kilometre which we walked exactly two and a half times so I did approximately 15 miles ...that's right isnt it?

Also dropped in on K, our brother in law, and had a chat and a cuppa. He is a bit down at the moment, his late wife's birthday next week. He misses her terribly and I feel he was glad of the distraction....He is a very sociable person and has lost the largest part of his life, as he no longer goes out to shows or dances. Refers to himself as Billy No Mates which I think is sad...

He disclosed he has joined a social choir and looks forward to the practise session once a week. The choir have a busy schedule leading up to Christmas and I think it will do him a power of good. I hope so.

Mrs I reports favourably on the procedure, having experienced no pain or discomfort, and the only irritation is the affected eye keeps watering, but that is a temporary and minor inconvenience. She reports that even now, a few hours after the operation, her vision is improved tremendously and is very relieved and optimistic.  Huge thanks to everyone who expressed best wishes for Mrs I and her eye. We are touched and very grateful!

I was released back into the wild this afternoon and enjoyed a fabulous couple of hours walking in Corvedale, exploring new paths and ever widening views as I achieved higher ground. The blip is the view out across Corvedale and the Clee Hills beyond. After a morning of variable grey overcast skies and torrential rains, this afternoon and evening were stunning.

I hope you agree.

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