A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

November view

A familiar view from our bedroom window shows there is still plenty of colour in the trees of the St Ives Estate, always a great view but quite surprising as half an hour before I took this it was absolutely bouncing with rain.

Went to Pilates as usual but my friend wasn’t there as she is due an op this week and wanted to isolate a bit. She’ll probably not be able to drive for 6 weeks so won’t be joining us there for a while.
After Chris and I went up to Stephen Smith’s garden centre in the next village for lunch. It was extremely busy and we only just managed to get a table, maybe it will be like this every week leading up to Christmas so while my friend is away I may give it a miss.

While there I bought a few cards. One to wish my friend a speedy recovery and a sympathy card for someone who we have just heard has lost her husband, an old friend of Chris’.
Also got a birthday card for a friend who has a December birthday and I’m afraid often gets forgotten. 
All the Christmas ‘stuff’ was out. It seems to be a place that has everything but not somewhere we often buy plants!
I bought a punnet of Cyclamen yesterday, they are waiting in the green house to be potted up, at the garden centre at the other end of our village, didn’t see any here.

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