Silly Saturday ...

... Happy Hallowe'en!

Today was absolutely beautiful ... especially for late October.  To take advantage of this gorgeous day we decided to pack up a picnic lunch and go to Jacobsburg State Park.   We stopped at their picnic pavilion in order to eat (and check out what was happening at the frog pond area .... no much!) before driving to the Sobers Run trailhead for our walk. 

We had a wonderful walk enjoying all the beautiful fall colors ... although a lot of the trees were past peak at this point.  Along the way I took a few selfies and some pictures of Richard ... more on the reason for this later.  

We only made one stop on the way home and were back by 2:30 pm.  I then spent some time in the back garden photographing whatever came into camera lens range!  Mostly Blue jays and squirrels!  Sadly, I didn't see any chipmunks today ... which makes me wonder if they have all started their winter hibernation already.  I really hope not!

As I sat in the back yard I had some fun playing with the photos I had taken at Jacobsburg (and one of Kiera & Cheddar) using the PhotoLab Pro app that I have on my phone.  The above collage is the result!

Happy (early) Hallowe'en!  And Happy Silly Saturay!

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