Musing of a Lady

By inkstainedhands

Flat White

Little Man and I went into town this morning to get some food shopping done. I also had some errands to run, and order a card reader from my bank. It busy but not too busy. I popped into one of my favourite coffee shops to get a drink with a voucher that needed redeeming. Little Man fell asleep.

We went to the Aldi (a supermarket) and I had a lot of fun trying to wedge as much of the shopping into the basket under Little Man's chair. We then went to get nappies from Asda (another supermarket) because their nappies are better quality than Aldi's and aren't as likely to have poop escapes up the little person's back.

It's been a good day, with the exception that hubby is away for work and we're home on Halloween. I'm not a fan and ended up sitting in the lounge with the Little Man, with the curtains closed and the door to the kitchen shut, to discourage trick and treaters. We only had one knock at the door and I told the boys I didn't have any sweets for them.

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