Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Winchester's bonfire night

Stop me if I've told you this before ;))  but Winchester really does 5th November.  Huge firework display, preceded by a torchlit procession (of literally thousands of people) up the Precinct, along Jewry Street and so to the park, bonfire and fireworks.  I usually try to blip said fireworks, but this year I wanted to concentrate of the procession.  So here is a face in the crowd with her lit torch and in Extras the fire engine which leads the procession, followed by a brass band and the said thousands.

I did see a few of the fireworks from my bedroom window.

Now, very dear people, I'm going to collapse into bed.  I did do some commenting before I went out and the rest - if you'll frgive me - I'll do in the morning, when I am no longer a) damp and b) collapsing ;))

Have a happy Sunday  xx

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