By Maureen6002

The Spinnies

Edit: I’ve changed my main as most people agreed with me that this is the better shot, my mono now being the extra! So whilst it still fits as a ‘Wide Wednesday’ shot, I’m afraid it’s not on theme! 

At last, a day with no rain! I’m not usually so obsessed with the weather, but I’m just so desperate to be able to get out and about. 

After a long absence, we visit The Spinnies - an easy option as we are visiting G’s mum in nearby Bangor. The conditions are perfect for  kingfisher sightings - wonderful light, the tidal lagoon full for fishing - but of course, there’s not even the briefest flash of blue. There are mallards - colours shimmering jewel-like in the sun; chaffinch, goldfinch and suskin on the feeders; and a lone heron skulking in the shadowy edges. I take lots of shots, but nothing that I’m really happy with. 

Instead, my blip is going to be the view itself - the lagoon reflecting reeds and autumn trees against the backdrop of the foothills. I know  Wide Wednesday’s theme is Mono today, but it’s a scene that really needs full colour. 

Following our visit, as we’re driving home, the moon appears above the clouds. Diverting to the beach, I’m able to catch its hazy reflection on the water and the wet sand. (Getting any shot is complicated by the fact they’re still working on the sea defences with several areas of the beach floodlit. You can see even one of the diggers on the far right of the shot!)

Thanks to Steveng for hosting! 

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