An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A reflective day...

It's been quite a gentle day. 

I spent the afternoon cooking then a little painting this evening.  

Started with this winter's first pot of lentil and ham soup, always a defining moment, heralding and accepting winter is here.

The kitchen to myself, Nell Bryden playing in the background and the preparation of all the veg, which I find quite meditative.  Peeling and chopping and combining the ingredients and seeing it all come together bubbling in the pot.  And the aroma....lovely :-)

With the soup simmering away I turned my attention to the cashew chicken.  A new recipe to me but since I I saw it on YouTube a couple of weeks ago I've been keen to try it.  By the time I combined the ingredients for the sauce I could tell it was going to be a winner.   And it was.  Will definitely be making it again. 

Resisted the soup.  It's for lunch tomorrow :-)

Received a message from a dear friend early evening advising his mum has passed away.  Not unexpected but just so incredibly sad.  

E was such a lovely woman and so supportive of me and my art work and my blips. I will be forever indebted to her for her kindness and encouragement, and her commission to create a set of Chookie Birdie Christmas cards, which I got great pleasure from doing.  We had such a laugh about them and I was delighted that she was so happy with them.  She was a very special lady.  She will be missed.  

Thinking of you P x

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