An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Banana loaf to the rescue...

Shoulder has been a bit easier today although I took painkillers after lunch and snoozed my way through the afternoon again.  Very frustrating!

David's off on his annual weekend walking  / golfing trip to the Lake District tomorrow and I'd offered to make the guys some Empire Biscuits as I know they love them, but they were beyond me because of my shoulder,  so decided to make banana loaves instead - one for D to take and one to keep here for the weekend :-)  I know they will enjoy that too.  

Usually my baking turns out fine but if I am making it for others, it's a disaster.  Thankfully both loaves look good and the kitchen smelled amazing!

Alan's bedroom was painted Nordic Blue today and he loves it so much he wanted to go to bed at 8.30pm!  Wanted to chill with his starlights on :-)

We have finally chosen colours for our ensuite and the smaller guest bedroom.  They are Ocean Ripple and Fresh Aloe, both by Dulux.  Here's hoping we like them as much as Alan does his :-)) 

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