A day in the life

By Shelling


An old friend invited the neighbours for a coffee and some football on the tv. I'm not so interested in the football and had other things to do before going to work at the theatre this evening. In the end I went for a quick coffee anyway and outside the house I saw the deadly Yellow snow, that Frank Zappa sings about. No husky trail runs just there, it looks like a huge flock of birds has been in the tree and peed all at once before they left. Ideas, anyone?

In Kalmar, less than ten kilometres from where I live, there was no snow at all! I guess my island might have bee in a "snow cell" or "snow cannon", as it's often called. Certain conditions over land and water can set them off and create a heavy snowfall very locally while a kilometre outside the region there is very little, or no snow at all. Compare the two photos, the main is close to me and the extra is the square in Kalmar. The Christmas tree will be lit next weekend at the first of advent.

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