By Jamjar

It's Monday so that means The Climbing Unit, and I spent a solid hour climbing the easy Bees, although a few of them are off balance and awkward :-) I wasn't resting in-between so an hour was enough, and in any case I'd made a hair appointment earlier so I had to leave. 

Haircuts are a strange one. My hair is okay for weeks, until one day it's not and I'm feeling like a sheepdog!

Home, lunch and then gardening because I wanted to get the front garden sorted out so that the plants are all ready to grow away in the spring. I got it all done and then moved a Geranium that was too squashed. It divided into four plants and will grow over the drive edging nicely, and I took two bits round to the back. The bit in the photo is between the garage and the fence and I'm hoping it'll disguise the mess around the side. I'm glad the up-ended slabs are still there because they're handy for walking along to inspect the garage guttering and for weeding. Originally there were metal brackets connected to the old wooden fence, i.e. to support it.

Oh bother, I've just noticed that the big clump of Bergenia still needs replanting, I thought I'd done it all!

Edit: watching the news from China, how awful to live there - you cannot, repeat cannot stop a disease in that way, or indeed in any way.

Edit 2: the extra illustrates how good we all have to be at interpretation!!!!

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