By TrishaR


A very Misty, grey and damp day and on the dog walk this morning also mud! One part of it through a wooded path is quite mucky even with the blanket of leaves.

Ben arrived after school with tales of two bullies getting taken down a peg by the autistic lad in his class in the queue for the school dinners, Cerys in his class lost her new iPhone 13 who she thinks Lily in the class stole, escaping three 2nd year boys who he heard talking about him going up the stairs (always be aware of what’s going on Nana), self defence techniques taught to him by Issak and shown to me , practising the lines and dance moves for the upcoming panto with his drama club, (shown here) a fantasy story about how he has to be at the scout hut at 6am on Saturday morning for helping at the Christmas Fayre (not sure why he said this). Lots of chat.

It was quiet when he left for the scouts at 7:15!

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