Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Tall trees

Today has been sunny and bright - it's getting colder from tomorrow I believe. I love the tall, straight trees in this section of the common, and today the sunshine through the trees was lovely to see.

After my walk I came home and made soup for lunch (lentil and vegetable), and then I worked on the minutes for tonight's camera club committee meeting. It sounds strange to be preparing the minutes before we have had the meeting but I am sent all the reports from the treasurer, chairman, print secretary etc and have to collate them into the minutes and as I have already received those reports I could make a start on it.

Last night I enjoyed Polina Plotnikova's talk via zoom at our camera club meeting. I have attended one of her workshops so I know her style of flower photography, but I also love her still life images which are very much influenced by the old masters - her attention to detail is quite incredible, she works tethered and every item is carefully place din the right position. 

Tonight its another zoom meeting for our camera club committee meeting, so I need to get supper made early as I will be busy at our usual supper time.

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