By seizetheday

Alternative tea

Enjoyed coffee and a long catch up with Carolyn this morning. It's ages since we last met, and we were so busy chatting in a room with no clock that we were completely oblivious to the passing of time... It was way past lunch time when I left!

Home for a quick bite to eat with MrM, then embarked on putting the marzipan on the Christmas cake. Four small cakes really, as I cut the large cake into four before starting, with the intention of sending a piece each to Tom, Lucy and Angus as none of them will be with us until after the festive season.

Getting late by the time I finished, so MrM offered to cook tea. I had intended to do something quick - vegeburgers with mushrooms and onions etc, but he had different ideas. Don't usually Blip photos of our food, but as it's the only photo I took all day, this is our alternative tea - vegeburgers, with fried potatoes and chick peas coated in za'atar, pickles and sauerkraut, accompanied by mayo and ketchup.
It was certainly different, and very tasty!

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