Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

All about the cold

Yup, today really was all about the cold.  I went out fairly early and caught the prelude to the Park Run on my way over to the reserve.  Everyone was looking as though they couldn't wait to start - or couldn't wait to go home.  Either would have been warmer than standing around in the foggy sun listening to instructions!

The reserve itself was a winter wonderland, sparkly and glorious.  I've tried to show the thickness of the hoar frost in the first Extra.  Then I fed the robins, went home to breakfast and afterwards caught the bus into town with an extensive and extremely complicated shopping list.  The precinct was rammed with people and I didn't even try to get into the Christmas Market.

The second extra is of a member of the Sally Army playing carols near the Christmas tree.

And that's me.  Hope your Saturday's been a good one  xx

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