By helenann

Festive Winchester

Today it didn't rain - at all! The sun shone this morning and it felt quite mild outdoors. We visited our friend L and daughter V with Christmas  presents and to catch up on their news. It was very good to see them; L continues to recover her strength from her heart attack last year, while V has enjoyed her first term at secondary school. L's son O who is in a small care home for people with learning disabilities is doing well there.   
This afternoon we were invited to Winchester GoLD's Christmas  lunch and party. There were about 50 club members  (all of whom have some learning  disability ), staff and volunteers present. There was a great, hot buffet lunch followed by music, party games and  even a Zoom call with Father Christmas! Lots of the members had dressed up as elves or wore  Christmas  jumpers. It was a lot of fun.
Then Martin and I had to do a bit of shopping. My blip shows busy Winchester High Street looking towards the Buttercross. We didn't dare venture into the Christmas market.       

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