By FoundWanting


Tis apparently the season of same old-same old Christkindlmarkts in Minga. Overpriced filled rolls and crepes, Glühwein and supposed goodwill abound. The experience usually involves standing around in sub arctic windchill or similarly chilled rain.

To me the smell / taste / presence of Glühwein prompts vague memories of drinking hot Bostik all purpose adhesive … it was the seventies … I was EX-PERI-MENT-ING !!!

My only draw to the Christkindlmarkts is the certain promise of a warm cone of Gebrannte Nüsse (caramelised nuts?).
With childlike excitement, you grunt and point at the selected pile of packages, hoping the kind lady behind the counter has picked the most recently prepared one. Parting with too much money, you place the warm cone shaped package into your coat pocket, carefully fiddle open the "base", delicately pinch a couple of the sugared nutty clusters out, place carefully into mouth, then return transporting hand back to the fuzzy warmth of the coat pocket and then savour.
… then wait for someone, who should know you better, to offer you a glass of hot Bostik.

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