By Mrsmacdub

Christmas Eve - Dancing Doves

Thank you to all the lovely blippers who visited my journal yesterday and left such kind, thoughtful messages, as well as stars and hearts.  They touched and humbled me.  Thank you!

Extra now added!

I had some time to myself today and started the process of trying to come to terms with the fact that my Mum is no longer across the road and we can’t just pop over to have a drink with her.  It will leave a big hole in our lives.

Mr MacD went sailing as usual on a Saturday, so I caught the bus into the city and we had a coffee together, then bought him a new top and cap for his Christmas present. Afterwards we sat outside the Occidental Pub on Vulcan Lane with a beer for Mr MacD and a glass of Prosecco for me.  We watched the world go by and talked about Mum - very therapeutic.

After MrMacD left this morning, I wandered down the driveway taking photos of some of the lovely flowers in the garden - see the extra.  The main blip shows a Christmas decoration on Vulcan Lane - lights that changed colour, and dancing doves.

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