David J. Rose

By djrose007

Flying away

Dropped Julia and the twins off at Brize Norton passenger terminal this morning shortly before 05:00. It's always sad to see them disappearing, but quite happily towards the soft play area.
The aircraft shown in the Blip are C17's, transport but also used for operational troop transport. They will be flying to Cyprus in an RAF Voyager (Airbus A330).
We are lucky in that Brize Norton is only about 40 minutes drive from Gloucester, some people have much longer journeys, and earlier starts.
I got home at 06:00 and went to bed until 10:00, apart from 07:15 when Jonty woke me up wanting to 'go outside'!
It's now just after 12 noon so they will be back in Cyprus now, at least it will be a bit warmer. Luckily it has been fairly mild while they've been here, but I have just read that we have a colder period coming up.

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