Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Ducky bathtime

Today I had the pleasure of watching the mandarin duck having a bath in the river.  He went at it with great enthusiam.

I'm keeping a vague eye on him because in the next couple of months I reckon he will either find a Mrs Mandarin or he'll be off himself looking for her.  I do hope he'll find one here - I would so love to see a bunch of little ones ;))

This was taken on the edge of the reserve, not actually in it, but I don't have Hazel now, she's off with K so I'm more free to go where I want.  I do miss them when they're not here but they will be back tonight, I think.

Finally, just to say, I'm not feeling my best tonight and although I shall see all your lovely blips from today and scatter hearts and stars, my actually comments may be a bit lacking.  I do apologise!

Have a great evening and a good tomorrow  xx

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