By Kentboy


Well it wasn't to bad weatherwise today.  This is part of a pier in Silloth.  I had heard there was a beached whale, but I couldn't find it after a good walk along the beach..  The tide was on the way out.  So I took photos of the place I used to work at.  You have to reaize Silloth was a Victorian town, linked by rail from Carlisle.  All that has now gone, but you can see places where that rail line was situated.  In fact it passed the back garden of my wife's parent's house at Abbeytown
There used to be a pier and these structures were part of that.  A railway line extended to the end of the pier so passengers could travel by steamer..  The pier ended in a T-shape where the steamers would dock.
Meanwhile Silloth was developing as a seaside town, wide roads (cobbled, long prom and bracing sea air.  The dock was also being built mid 19th Century.  Today the port receives ships carrying grain to be processed into flour by Carrs.
This is a coloured photo although it doesn't look like it.

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