Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj


I stayed in my pyjamas first thing while I finished packing up the Christmas tree ornaments. I had almost finished the job by 11 when Annette arrived. She seamlessly took over and had the tree dismantled and in its box in a trice.

She also helped me to put the boxes back in the loft.

Finally, I had my shower and dressed up for Lesley and Steve's drinks party. Nick was my chauffeur so I was able to enjoy the bubbly on offer. There was also a lot of lovely food. I knew most people and had some good chats.

Liz and Nick collected me and we went home so they could spend some time with Mum.  

There was no point in the day when I felt I could point a camera! Sharon and Wilf brought roses and tulips on Tuesday, so here are the roses. I'm delighted that they are beginning to open. My track record with indoor roses is not good.

I would have put the camera on the tripod for this shot, but I took it* apart and gave it a shower last night (not done since the trip to Bamburgh beach). I just hope it goes back together again with no problem!

A microwavable eye pad arrived for Mum and she has been enjoying the relief the heat gives her.

*the tripod not the camera!

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