Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

A Dreich Day

Brightened a tad by this mural outside the Henry Gallery on the UW Campus.  We made a short worthwhile  foray out in the car to figure out the parking for another event on tuesday… And we popped into the Henry to see a couple of good exhibitions we hadn’t seen…both historical  ," Fishing was his Life "about Black fishermen, and "This was a densely wooded Hill" about land lost by indigenous people.   Both quite lovely to look at.     HERE

Then while H watched the Seahawks (win!)  I spent the entire game trying to figure out how to make something in photoshop that I’ve done before but FORGOT how!    I’m not really a graphics person but do stuff for our local newspaper and blog  (the price is right, and it's usually fun!)    So annoying,…(I mostly got it to work) …..which brings up the memory musings again….. Apparently lots of people  (here’s PaulaJ) have played a similar game to the memory one yesterday .   I”m going to do the same with a set of 10 things that are not so familiar to me and see how it goes.  

Tune in tuesday for more art and memory !

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