Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Memory ll

Rainy Day (did clear for walk later) so I finished the Memory Book by Richard Restak with a few ideas for “strengthening your mind”  but I must confess I didn’t pay much attention to the scientific parts of the brain and different kinds of memory  (short term, working, episodic, procedural, implicit,etc) altho there were some very interesting tales. Too much for here.    But I thought I’d do the memorize 10 things game by looking in one of many boxes I have stacked up, all full of eclectic mixes of stuff (grandkids delight)…  Chose this one (extra) which happened to have this small Peruvian figure (heavy metal.  bronze?? ) and now I’m trying to remember it’s story.  

 It was given to me while sitting in the cathedral in Cusco in 1999…in the small bag, I think ….by a Peruvian man.  Not young.    I didn’t ask for it nor did I notice this person behind me and I hope I gave him some pesos.  I took it to be a good luck talisman’s female on one side and male on the other, and had it next to my bed for years but it’s been hiding in this box for awhile now and I had forgotten about it.   It feels good in your hand,.   How to dredge up the memory?   Shared memory is helpful but H couldn’t contribute this time.  (I have 2 friends to ask later)   So I looked at the photo album and the sketchbook from that trip….but couldn’t bring up that long ago memory any more.   No pictures of it.  The sketchbook is approx 5x7 and was the view from our lovely hotel ‘El Balcon”  You can see the cathedral.     One of my all time favorite trips (after Venice).   

And so it goes on a dull day at home.   ( I also solved my photoshop design problem by looking at tutorials)  The main thing I will take away from this book is that attention, concentration and imagination are the 3 key elements in establishing a memory.   Not earthshaking.  I'll never make the considerable effort to assign rhymes or places to lists.   

 I think I ran out of time to make my soup tho.  Priorities.   There’s always tomorrow. (and fewer words….)


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