By AnnieBelle

Light and dark in Strahan

Today we went by luxury catamaran across Macquarie Harbour, through Hells Gate and into the Gordon River, saved from hydro electricity by massive protests in the early 80s. My extra is the Hells Gate Lighthouse, so called because it marks narrow and shallow waters, but also because of the harshness of the 19th century Macquarie Harbour Penal Settlement.

The cruise down the Gordon River was magnificent with reflections of the surrounding hills and sky on the dark water. I took some photos and then I stopped. My photos weren't doing it justice and sometimes you just have to down camera and be, letting à scène remain in one's mind's eye.

Back in Strahan we walked the path around the harbour to the West Coast Wilderness Railway station. Now a tourist attraction, this train line originally transported copper ore from Queenstown to the port of Strahan. On approach I noticed a man, in his cap looking a bit like Casey Jones, leaning against the train carriage on the platform, creating a reflection. Even at 7.30pm the light was so bright it made a silhouette - light and dark for Mono Monday.

Thanks fot hosting Skeena. 

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