Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Some days you just need to farntnarkle - that is, take an image and do some outlandish things to it. And today was such a day. I never picked up my camera but I did snap a few pics on my iPhone when Hubs and I went out to try a new local restaurant for lunch. And then I had some fun.

Before we went to lunch we took Jax out to a local feed/farm store. It’s his favorite store because there are so many things to see and smell. And several aisles of pet food which is always of high interest. And lucky Jax managed to grab some stray kibbles from under a shelf before I hauled him away. He greeted everyone we met and in return, got lots of pets and a few dog biscuits. The boy knows how to work a room! I’m hoping we might get out for a short walk before we lose the light, but at the moment man and dog are snoring away on the sofa so…

I got a solid 9 hours of sleep last night - hallelujah! After 4 nights of very poor sleep, it felt great to sleep so well. That’s one.

I will cap off the day with something dark


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