Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Looking down

I went to the reserve this morning and spent most of my walk looking down.  The flooding is even worse, flowing across the tracks,  and half the circuit has been shut.  If you didn't look down you were likely to come a cropper - there was deep running water, shallow water with thick ice over the top and black ice - not to be messed with!

There was also this incredible hoar frost edging the boardwalk.  If you look on the left of shot you will see a tiny white speck; a fleck of ice dropping so I guess by then the sun was very slightly loosening it.

There's also a collage in extras, showing a frosty reed, one of the wonderful ice formations and a moorhen wandering about in the middle of the path.  In one place the reserve has water on both sides of the footway - today that water had all joined up and the ducks and moorhens were wandering about looking slightly bemused but pretty happy.

After that I walked Hazel and had a hot bath to warm up.  My feet, sad to say, are still blocks of ice.  I think the temperature is going to rise slightly tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening  xx

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