By Amanda_T

That cheeky Mr T!

Setting the flowers up for a Blip.  Another bargain, reduced by 50% and still great!  And what happens?  He's grabbed a photo!  Of course I had to tease him!

I called the DNs this morning as I didn't want his catheter change postponed.  He's been having more "pain" than normal and time travelling more so I had an inkling of a UTI as there was lots of sediment in the tubes too.  I just asked if they could bring the test strips with them (I don't know why they don't always have them) and turns out there is an infection.  Our next door neighbour is going to collect his antibiotics later.

I have a free Carers UK workshop at 15:00, the first of five sessions that are an introduction to cartoon drawing.  I have been asked by Carers UK to join more of their focus groups as apparently they were impressed on Monday, and the feedback from the video I made has said how it made practitioners approach things differently!  I'm so pleased if I have helped improve things for other carers.

We have blue tits popping in and out of the nest box and spreading their wings to stake their claim.

Emily Holzhausen OBE  
Director of Policy and Public Affairs
Carers UK

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