Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


Yesterday was a nothing day, spent recovering from an upset stomach. The day before, I noticed that the car was feeling wrong, and suspected that I had a puncture. Sure enough the tyre was really flat this morning. Got to say my insurer proved very efficient and got their roadside assistance to me in double-quick time (they said it could take up to ninety minutes, but I got an I'm-on-the-way phone call in five). Ian the fixer opted for inflation rather than fit the spare and assured me that would keep me going for two or three days until I got the tyre seen to.

Rather than wait, I contacted a nearby First Stop right away. "Bring it right over", they said. "We'll do it as soon as you get here". They were as good as their word, and had me sorted by the time I'd had a coffee and a slice of banana bread in a nearby café. Two excellent examples of good service. Bravo!

There'd been a heavy frost overnight. Fortunately, I'm on the sunny side of the road and the iciness passed quickly for me, unlike the other side where the sun don't shine (Extra).

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