By PicturePoems


Continuing back-blipping the story of my birthday treat weekend that began here...

The weekend may not have been as restful as I'd been expecting, but I was so pleased to see both offspring, offspring-in-law and grandchildren waiting to meet us, with big grins on their faces. Little Miss B ran to hug me and cry "Surprise!" I had to apologise for contradicting her the day before; she was right when she said she was coming too! And it didn't mean I wasn't pampered.

I didn't have to lift a finger - all the catering and everything had been taken care of by the youngsters. And my son-in-law's mum had kindly baked me a coffee and walnut birthday cake! As for the 'spa' side of things, my daughter had booked me a pedicure, which was very soothing. Although my sparkly nails were mostly hidden inside warm footwear in the heavy frosts, I felt as though I was walking on velvet - and still do. It was so refreshing and relaxing.

Our lodge was at the furthest point from most activities, about a 30-minute walk, through woodland and around frozen lakes. (Son and daur-in-law hired bikes!) The sign-posting was terrible. If we weren't lost ourselves, we were being approached by others who were lost. But it was nothing like traipsing round shops, there were squirrels everywhere, lots of birds, of course, and a pheasant (to make us feel at home!) Just lovely surroundings! But we've covered a fair few miles over the weekend trying out different activities and walking through the forest grounds. 

Here is little Miss B trying her hand at 10-pin bowling for the first time. With the help of buffers and a launch-pad she knocked down all ten skittles on her first two rolls (a 'spare'). We all had turns, but not necessarily in the right order and scoring went out the window; it was just for fun.

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