Kaybees Bits

By Kaybee

Water Droplets

Squirrel mentioned this morning that all the trees in the school grounds are being cut down but doesn't know why. I am going to have to make enquiries because they were planted for environmental reasons by the pupils when the school was rebuilt in the early 90's.

I did some clearing and cutting in the garden this afternoon and filled the garden waste bin ready for collection tomorrow. It really showed how may back is getting worse and I wasn't able to do nearly as much as I had intended.
To let the back relax a bit I went and stood at the lathe for a short while and made a (very small) lidded pot from a couple of scraps - one of which was a bit of the Raspberry Jam wood - so the place was smelling nice when I came in for a cuppa.

When I realised that I hadn't taken a picture, I had put an oil coating on the wee pot and it wasn't dry - so I had to think of something else.......
Water drops ... on flowers! That was what came to mind.
I'm not sure what I did with the lead shot to get that result, but the slightly more 'normal' ones are Here.

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