Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Foggy and cold

Last night we thoroughly enjoyed the play The Lehman Trilogy. When it was first performed in 2018 it won the award as the best play with the actors getting awards for best actors. I did not think the story would be that interesting - about the rise and fall of the Lehman brothers bank, which actually was started in Alabama where they were cotton traders -  but I found it riveting - just three actors on stage all the time, playing various roles. The play was 3.5 hours long with two short intervals, they were very demanding roles for those actors with so many lines to learn! The set was very simple but so effective, it was one of the best plays I have ever seen and I highly recommend it.

This morning the fog returned and it was unexpectedly cold. I had a lovely start to the morning as I met some friends at The Ivy to have breakfast to celebrate a friend's birthday. The restaurant has a pretty conservatory area which is where we were placed, and thankfully they give us rugs as it was a bit chilly in there. I photographed these trees in the fog on my way to breakfast.

From  breakfast I went straight to my golf clinic. So far I have been lucky as it has been sunny and warm there, but today with the fog it was freezing. We were fine when we were hitting balls but when we stopped for the coach to explain something we were all jumping around trying to keep warm - it was 2C!

After golf I walked Xena, by now it had started drizzling and the temperature rose a bit. She does not mind not going out first thing for a walk, in fact I think she prefers walking later as she loves just snoozing after her breakfast.

Tonight it is book club and as is tradition in January it is hosted by our Scottish member who provides a most delicious Burns Night supper, its the highlight of our book club year! We all have been looking forward to this so much - forget about the book, its the dinner that counts tonight!

Some people yesterday asked about the flower still life image, it is this one

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