Waiting for spring

I don't know what forecast the council looks at, but the gritter went by last night even though all the forecasts I checked showed no frost here at all! Sure enough, the morning dawned damp with a touch of rain in the air.

I haven't been beyond the garden today - too busy dealing with Photo Club stuff - getting the pictures ready for the Club to vote on what should go forward to the Frank Walton Trophy later on. This is an annual competition between the clubs in Argyll - there used to be nine, but several have gone under and another won't be entering this year due to falling numbers, so that leaves five. The rules are quite strict - each club can enter up to twelve images from a minimum of five members, and each of those five can enter only three images. So at our next meeting we decide which images will be our choice. We'll be hosting the competition this year, early in March.

Bit of an Emergency Blip today then - I wandered around outside looking for something to Blip and found some potted bulbs poking through. Most of them are Narcissus Téte-a-Téte, and one pot is of Scilla litardieri, a lovely little bulb from the Western Balkans. Roll on springtime! Mind you, if the following quote is anything to go by, we might be waiting a while!

Quote of the Day - 

'In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours' - Mark Twain

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