Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

The Boy

I finally took out the right lens for this today - the 28-300.  Unfortunately  the light wasn't great so the shutter speed isn't as fast as I'd have liked.  But, there will be lots of other chances and today was mostly just about playing around.  Hubs selected this shot and I have to agree with him, although I will put the second choice in Extra if you'd care to have a look.  They both feature his crazy ears, arguably one of his cutest features.

Had a nice FT chat with mom and dad this morning, followed by a walk on the Lane with Jax while Hubs visited his mom.  Now we are all settled in the living room in various stages of repose

Yesterday afternoon our vet called with the results of Phoebe's blood work. For an almost-16 year old cat, she is remarkably healthy except for an elevated thyroid number.  So tomorrow I will pick up some medication and we will have her blood rechecked in about 5 weeks.  We are going to try a transdermal application in her armpit since she is very hard to "pill".  So, we'll see how that goes...

Dark with sea salt today.


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