A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


These are an early crocus but I have seen them much earlier, even before Christmas. Today I noticed they were in flower so popped out with the camera.

I tried my telephoto lens first to save me bending down but that didn’t work. Changed to my macro lens which was better but being unprepared to get down on my knees you’ve got some blooms in focus and some not as I couldn’t get close enough to individual flowers.

I like the droplets from the early rain on the flowers towards the back of the clump, thought they were suitable for Tiny Tuesday. The rear right flower spike has come right through one of last autumn’s magnolia leaves. I saw several like this, the flower spike having actually pierced the leaf. 

It has been bright but windy for most of the day and what a chilly wind, it was piercing too!

Missed out on a Woodpecker at the feeders this morning, Chris saw it and took a phone shot but it wasn’t very clear.

Usual Tuesday Pilates and lunch but I’m glad to be in now in the warm.

(Oops just seen I had the same blip last year.)

Just had a phone call from Grace on her way from work pick Jude up from nursery, she’s got conjunctivitis!  I’m sure yesterdays cuddly dinosaur should help.

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