The Pensioner

By Pensioner

View of the Island

I’d been given notification that the annual blip anniversary thing was upcoming so I was all prepared to take a stunner of a photo to impress and captivate the visiting hordes. But I’d the bloody minutes to write up from the night before which kept me pinned at my desk and then the weather started coming in. It looked impressively dreich out the upstairs window, which rather matched my mood. So this is it.
Later we set out through the rain up to the Omni to see All the Beauty and the Bloodshed - the story of photographer Nan Goldin’s fight against the Sacklers. It’s an intriguing film - or collection of films, though her righteous anger against Purdue is perhaps (OK, definitely) slightly awry given she’d thrown herself into a life of booze and drugs leading to addiction well before she ever popped her first pill of OxyContin.  
Anyway, whoops, yes, a blip anniversary. Thanks to all! Thanks to me! To you! To the team! 
And of course I should cast my over the year to date for blips of significance. Och, not just a holiday one, or even a big music event, or a day of boatie loveliness, nope, a new life to celebrate! 

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