Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Scraping the bottom

…of the creative barrel with a selfie. It’s possible this is the first selfie I’ve posted although I could be mistaken. In general, I dislike pictures of myself and much prefer to be on the other end of the lens. This image was kind of accidental as I was crouched next to the window bench getting a quick iPhone shot if Charlie when my finger hit the reverse camera button and I suddenly saw myself with these cool light beams. A fair amount of fartnarkling later…and here I am.

We had Charlie at the vet yesterday to have his teeth cleaned, an annual event since he has genetically bad teeth. Several extractions so he is on a short course of antibiotics. He was still a little woozy when Hubs picked him up last night so he’s been getting lots of extra snuggles.

And speaking of snuggling, Jax and I had some significant snuggle time in front of the fire today - I only slept 2 hours last night so wasn’t feeling much ambition. Need to find a fix for my increasing sleep woes.

I have my first mentor call later this afternoon for the Cancer Hope Network. I am so happy that they’ve already matched me to someone!

I think plain dark today


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