By ArcLight

Late winter colour

One of my plans for this weekend was to try and hurry along the end of winter by sorting out the balcony....In places the plants are bone dry; in others soggy. There's been quite a bit of death out there with a cold dry winter and now a warm and windy late winter. I'm sure there's more weather to come, but it seems we are missing out on the cold snap about to arrive in England in the next few days.

Hey ho.

Anyway, I didn't manage to do that (tomorrow, perhaps?), but I did spot a carpet of aconites in the usual place in Coalie Park on the way down to the market where we secured baked goods, some meat, and a coffee with meles, Mel and Sassy the dog, but not daveH as he was off to the football. On the way home, meles gave us a new CD, which we listened to whilst I made some dinner.

Back to my Greek Revolution book this evening.

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