Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Not so busy... yet

Today has been productive and fun. G took herself off to her new student's flat in the Marina to do a special lesson with him. I got on with the ironing (yawn). Pleased to say I am now all caught up with it. It niggles away at me through the week if it's not done.

I thought I needed another afternoon nap, but jumped at the idea of going to Global Village instead. The weekend is not a time we would normally visit an attraction like this, and today reinforced that preference. It started out fine while the sun was still out, but as soon as it got dark, there were loads of people milling around, walking randomly and being unpredictable.

We enjoyed a much shorter walk to the entrance thanks to one of G's students who gave her a pass to the VIP car park! Today we visited Korea, Thailand, Japan, Palestine and China. G was marking what would have been her brother Geoff's 72nd birthday, so we had a Thai meal. We would followed it up with a nutella crepe for World Nutella Day but could't find a kiosk that offered that, so hopefully tomorrow, we'll rectify that at home. :) I found this quote online: "Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy Nutella, and that is basically the same thing!" :)))

Home by 9. Amazing!

PS. My blip is of the ordering system at one of the boats on the Floating Market. It was busy, but I can't imagine them being able to tackle as many orders as the pegs suggest!

PPS: G thought she stopped blipping on World Nutella Day, but looking back now, it was the day Nutella turned 50! 

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